Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Regina Car Share on local TV

Thanks to Mandy Cmoc for pointing this video out to us. See Regina Car Share in operation as member Brett Dolter takes the car for a spin while interviewed.

And check out Car Sharing on CBC's "The National"

RCS memberships help support an environmentally friendly community project, and save members thousands of dollars in vehicle ownership costs. Please join today. Joining is easy, and you can phone us with any questions.

And I'd like to remind everyone that our new rates are lower, and members get a $25 referral bonus for each person they successfully sign up with the co-operative.

Happy New Year everyone,
John Klein
Regina Car Share Co-operative

Friday, December 4, 2009

Next Board Meeting

RCS is returning to its early board meeting days, and is having a pot luck board meeting at 6:00PM Dec. 16, 2009 Wednesday. The residence is 2221 Athol St., across from where the RCS Kia is temporarily parked for our members.

General public interested in becoming members, or just learning more about what car sharing is, are welcome along with a side dish they bring. Please RSVP in the comments, or email us at the contact info found on