Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The latest Regina Car Share Cooperative meeting was tonight. Here's a quick and incomplete summary of what was accomplished.
The logo is chosen. The incorporation papers are being sorted out, and expected back for a revision shortly.

The next meeting is expected to be in early April. More details and the Minutes for the last few meetings will be posted within days.


librarybot said...

I am trying to drum up interest in the possibility of starting a car cooperative in Saskatoon. I was wondering if someone from Regina Car-Share would be able to contact me and share your experience and knowledge thus far.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Saskboy said...

Hi Amber,
We got your email, and hope you keep in touch. We'll probably bring up Saskatoon at the next meeting, and are willing to give you advice as you need it.

Duane Nelson said...

Hi folks! My fiance and I are moving to Saskatoon from Vancouver in June. We really want to stay car free. Is there really nothing in saskatoon for car shares? I'd like to help make it happen when I get there if necessary.

Saskboy said...

Hi Duane,
I've not heard of anything there, but you're welcome to sign up with our crew in Regina and I'm sure we'll end up working with folks in Saskatoon eventually on a car share there.
Send an email to reginacarshare@ please

librarybot said...

Hi Duane,

I am also quite interested in getting a car share/car cooperative on the go here in Saskatoon. Contact me and we can chat. Thanks! Amber Christensen