Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April already?

Next meeting 1909 Toronto St. April 8, 6:30PM Tuesday

It's a pot luck supper, so bring some food and have a good time with the interim-Board.


Cody said...

Cody from Calgary's carshare co-op here.

I may be heading to MB April 12 & 13 and could come out and meet with you folks on the way through.

(403) 264-2422

Saskboy said...

Hi Cody,

That would be fun. I may not be in town at that time, but I'll bring it up at the meeting tonight in case anyone else is free to get together.


Cody said...

Sorry, change of plans.

I will be trying to get out to MB for the May long weekend so I could try to meet with you and others on the way out or on the way back.


Saskboy said...

OK, thanks for the update. The meetings are usually posted here, so drop us a line anytime and we'll set something up special for when you can drop in.