Sunday, April 27, 2008

May 6 next pot luck meeting

Next meeting is set for May 6 Tuesday, 6:30 at 1909 Toronto St.
As usual, bring your pot luck food and share a meal before we 'meet'.


Cody said...

The Manitoba trip is in the works once again, this time for the May long weekend.

It may be possible to meet the Friday before or the Monday or Tuesday after, depending on the schedules of the others.

What say you?


Saskboy said...

The 19th or 20th may happen to be when we are going to set our next meeting after the 6th of May.

If we don't happen to set the date so that it coincides with your trip perfectly, still send an email to reginacarshare at yahoo ca and interested board members can meet with you for dinner perhaps.